Group Members



Usadel, Björn Prof. Dr.


Project Leaders
Scientist/ Postdocs
PhD Students


Former Members
  • Julia Reimer (RWTH Aachen University)
  • Alexandra Womit (RWTH Aachen University)
  • Alexander Vogel
  • Julia Pfaff (now at University of applied Sciences Aachen)
  • Holger Klose (now group leader at FZ Jülich)
  • Alisandra Denton (now at Düsseldorf University)
  • Yaxal Ponce
  • Kreder, Nicole
  • Damm, Tatjana
  • Maß, Janina (now at Düsseldorf University)
  • Günl, Markus (now at the Ministry for Education and Research, Berlin)
  • Voiniciuc, Catalin (now group leader at IPB Halle))
  • Wagner, Barbara Dipl.-Math.
  • Herter, Thomas Dr. (now in Targenomic)
  • Nagel, Axel (now in Targenomics)
  • Lohse, Marc Dr. (now in Targenomics)
  • Frederico Giorgi (now Prof in Bolgona)
  • Heike Riegler (now at JKI Quedlinburg)
  • Malgorzata Ryngajllo
  • Diana Pese
  • Lude, Anja (now doing her MD)
  • Hetsch, Florian
  • Jaegle, Benjamin (now at the University of Cologne)
  • Troc, Paulina (now at IMP Vienna)
  • Drechsel, Oliver Dr.
  • Finck, Alex
  • Bernau, Mareike (now doing a PhD )
  • Gremmels, Jürgen (now scientific staff programmer in the Max Planck Institute Potsdam Golm)
  • Vasilevski, Aleksandar, Dr 
  • Sokolowska, Ewelina (now doing a PhD at the Max Planck Institute Potsdam Golm)