Group Members



Usadel, Björn Prof. Dr.


Project Leaders

Janzik, Ingar Prof. Dr.

Klose, Holger Dr. rer. nat.
Leader of the BioSC funded Focus Lab AP³ . Works on Cell Wall deconstruction and cell wall degrading enzymes.

Wormit, Alexandra Dr. rer. nat.

Project coordinator of the BioSc funded project “InducTomE” and the BMBF funded project „TaReCa - Tailoring of secondary metabolism in horticultural residuals and cascade utilization for a resource efficient production of valuable bioactive compounds“. Works on the plant response to abiotic stress and the coordination of cell wall with primary metabolism.


Scientific Software Developers and engineers
PhD Students


Former Members
  • Denton, Alisandra (now at Düsseldorf University)
  • Kreder, Nicole
  • Damm, Tatjana
  • Maß, Janina (now at Düsseldorf University)
  • Günl, Markus (now at PTJ - FZ Jülich)
  • Voiniciuc, Catalin (now at Düsseldorf University)
  • Wagner, Barbara Dipl.-Math.
  • Herter, Thomas Dr. (now in Targenomic)
  • Nagel, Axel (now in Targenomics)
  • Lohse, Marc Dr. (now in Targenomics)
  • Giorgi, Frederico Dr. (now in Columbia university)
  • Riegler, Heike Dr. (now at JKI Quedlinburg)
  • Ryngajllo, Malgorzata
  • Pese, Diana (now with Dr. Mutwil)
  • Lude, Anja (now doing her MD)
  • Hetsch, Florian
  • Jaegle, Benjamin (now at the University of Cologne)
  • Troc, Paulina (now at IMP Vienna)
  • Drechsel, Oliver Dr.
  • Finck, Alex
  • Bernau, Mareike (now doing a PhD )
  • Gremmels, Jürgen (now scientific staff programmer in the Max Planck Institute Potsdam Golm)
  • Vasilevski, Aleksandar, Dr 
  • Sokolowska, Ewelina (now doing a PhD at the Max Planck Institute Potsdam Golm)