Service & Software


View your high-throughput data in a biological context using the MapMan visualization software tool.


Compare multiple high-throughput experiments within or across species. PageMan is now integrated into MapMan but you can still download the separate application.

Robin and RobiNA

A simple to use microarray data preprocessor supporting all common microarray platforms. Since late 2011 Robin supports next generation RNA data and has been renamed to RobiNA to make it easier to pick the right version. As of 2012 it supports import of Fastq and BAM/SAM data.


Mercator is a genome-scale functional annotation pipeline that can assign MapMan Bin codes to unknown nucleotide or protein sequences. Both a web-based browser interface for submission of annotation jobs to our compute cluster and a standalone (Java-based) version for local installation are available.


A relational database holding reference mapping information. We provide a public interface for read-only access to the data to enable users to query the MapMan ontology and reference datasets.


Corto is a user tool to allow to calculate networks using correlation, mutual information, lasso regression and others. It allows to visually explore the network.