Seed Mucilage

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has a reduced adherent mucilage content

cesa5-2 = SALK_099008

cesa5-3 = SALK_070473

The mutant cesa5-2 shows different JIM5 staining in the adherent mucilage.

There seem to be more water extractable neutral sugars in the water soluable fraction.


unlike other cesa mutants cesa5-1 and cesa5-2 have a similar seed weight as the wild type. However there was a significantly lower amount of cellulose of 91 ± 2 and (cesa5-1), 92 ± 4 (cesa5-2) versus 114 ± 4 in the wild type.

the wild type (1.39 ± 0.03 mg 50 mg−1 seed). However, cesa5-1 (1.51 ± 0.06 mg 50 mg−1 seed), cesa5-2 (1.48 ± 0.08 mg 50 mg−1 seed)

 Griffith et al PMID: 24808103

report that there was more rhamnose, xylose and galacturonic acid but less glucose in water soluable mucilage. Moreover there was more arabinose, rhamnose, galactose, glucose and galacturonic acid in Na2CO3 non adherent mucilage.

There was a change in CCRC-M36 (unsubstituted RGI), JIM5 (partially me-HGA) and JIM13 (β-d-GlcA-(1,3)-α-d-GalA-(1,2)-α-l-Rha) labeling in cesa5-1.


Griffith et asl 2016 PMID:27524986

report more rhamnose in adherent mucilage but virtually no change in the other neutral sugars. adherent mucilage was btained by digesting with rhamnogalacturonan hydrolase and?? maxazyme afterwards

Also LM21 labeling in cesa5-2 is stronger and LM14 (AGPs) was relocated in the mutant.