Günl, Markus Dr.


Research Area: Cell Wall

  • Phone: +49 (0)246 1616341
  • Address: IBG-2: Plant Sciences S50 Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Wilhelm Johnen-Straße, 52428 Jülich
  • Room: Building 0.62, Room 302
  • E-Mail: m.guenl (a.t.) fz-juelich.de
Jornal Publications

Voiniciuc, C.; Schmidt, M. H.-W.; Berger, A.; Yang, B.; Ebert, B.; Scheller, H. V.; North, H. M.; Usadel, B.; Guenl, M. MUCI10 Produces Galactoglucomannan That Maintains Pectin and Cellulose Architecture in Arabidopsis Seed Mucilage. Plant Physiol. 2015, pp.00851.2015

H. Klose, M. Günl, B. Usadel, R. Fischer, U. Commandeur (2015) “Cell wall modification in tobacco by differential targeting of recombinant endoglucanase from Trichoderma reesei” BMC Plant Biology, 15:54

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H. Klose, M. Günl, B. Usadel, R. Fischer, U. Commandeur (2013) “Ethanol inducible expression of a mesophilic cellulase avoids adverse effects on plant development”, Biotechnology for Biofuels 6(1):53

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M. Günl, F. Kraemer, M. Pauly, (2011), “Oligosaccharide mass profiling (OLIMP) of cell wall polysaccharides by MALDI-TOF/MS”, Methods in Molecular Biology, 715:43-54

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