Denton, Alisandra Dr. rer. nat.

Research Scientist

Research Area: Bioinformatics

  • Phone: +49 (0)241 80 26761
  • Address: RWTH Aachen University, Institute for Biology I, Worringer Weg 3, 52074 Aachen
  • Room: Building AVZ II, Room 3.118
  • E-Mail: adenton (a.t.)


Journal Publications

Denton, A. K., Simon, R., and Weber, A. P. (2013). C4 photosynthesis: from evolutionary analyses to strategies for synthetic reconstruction of the trait. Current opinion in plant biology, 16(3):315–321.

Heckmann, D., Schulze, S., Denton, A., Gowik, U., Westhoff, P., Weber, A. P., and Lercher, M. J. (2013). Predicting C4 photosynthesis evolution: Modular, individually adaptive steps on a Mount Fuji fitness landscape. Cell, 153(7):1579–1588.

Külahoglu, C., Denton, A. K., Sommer, M., Maß, J., Schliesky, S., Wrobel, T. J., Berckmans, B., Gongora-Castillo, E., Buell, C. R., Simon, R., et al. (2014). Comparative transcriptome atlases reveal altered gene expression modules between two Cleomaceae C3 and C4 plant species. The Plant Cell Online, 26(8):3243–3260.

Pick, T. R., Bräutigam, A., Schlüter, U., Denton, A. K., Colmsee, C., Scholz, U., Fahnenstich, H., Pieruschka, R., Rascher, U., Sonnewald, U., et al. (2011). Systems analysis of a maize leaf developmental gradient redefines the current C4 model and provides candidates for regulation. The Plant Cell Online, 23(12):4208–4220.

Wu, G., Hufnagel, D. E., Denton, A. K., and Shiu, S.-H. (2015). Retained duplicate genes in green alga chlamydomonas reinhardtii tend to be stress responsive and experience frequent response gains. BMC genomics, 16(1):149.